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Who is Unity?

Unity is the future of charitable giving. We not-only offer the service of "giving-back made easy" to registered businesses all over the world, but we also offer services to registered charities with all the tools they need to receive that impact. It's a win, win!

We even created our own Foundation (The Unity Values Foundation (UVF)) who is a registered charity with a mission to change the world based on the values of individual people.

​We fundraise donations from businesses and individuals and distribute those funds to other registered charities based on the values of the people. In this way we create change in the world based on the collective values of people. We create donation streams for other charities where they didn't exist before, so that charities can focus more on the good work they do instead of fundraising.

Click on the PDF icon below to download a printable document on "who we are and what we offer" to share with your staff, boards, volunteers, committee members etc. 



I'm Jayme.
I'll be your charitable giving Coach. 

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