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Would you like us to send donations to your charity? Here are some great programs that we love.

Cancer Awareness Month

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People Corporation and Benefit Partners Inc. believe that businesses giving back to the community is equally as important as growth.


People Corporation is a people focused; national provider of group benefits, group retirement and human resource solutions. With industry experts, we provide uniquely valuable insight to create customized and innovative solutions for organizations across Canada.


Further to that it's your values and the things you really care about that mean the most to us. In that spirit here is our offer:


For every referral you make for us to a person who owns or operates a business in Ontario with more than 10 employees, we will donate $50 to a charity of your choice. If the person you refer agrees to meet with us, then we will donate another $150!!

Thats a $200 donation to a charity you choose for each referral that agrees to meet.


We believe that with this program we can create real change in the things that mean the most. (i.e. the things that mean the most to you).


The best part of this is you can share it with anyone, the more people that take part and organizations that get involved the bigger impact we can make together. 

NOTE- If you are referring yourself, then agreeing to meet is assumed and its an automatic $200 donation!

What is your name : 

Are you referring yourself : 

Name of person you're referring : 

Their email address

Name of their company : 

I would like my donation to go to  : 

Name of your charity : 

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