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Small Charity Campaign Design

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Unity Values simply wants to help other charities raise money, gain exposure and tell their story. The Unity Charity Donation system is designed to help small and medium size charities create recurring donations at a low cost. This way you get to focus more on creating impact and less on raising money.

The Unity Charity Donation system consists of:

  • A bespoke donation page is built just for you by our in house designer. The design cost of the page is $100 (one time fee) and $25 per month.
  • Tax Receipt Issuance by The Unity Values Foundation,
  • Access to our social media driven crowd source campaigning system,
  • Increased exposure through our marketing budget of $10,000 per month, and
  • Donor data and analytics

Todays fee of $100 Includes:

$100- One time fee for bespoke charity donation page design which can be used with your existing website as well as listed on The Unity Values Foundation

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