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The Unity Values Foundation

Success! If you received this email directly please watch for a message or call from People Corporation who will help you book your virtual info session and take your charity selection. 

If you did not recieve this offer directly from The Unity Values Foundation add your contact information   and we will book your meeting and process the donation. 

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Do you represent a business? Would you like to donate to causes chosen by your customers or employees?
Would you like to see some programs that will donate to your Charity of choice?
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We simply make it easier to make a difference


You're not just donating to charity, you're building relationships, and creating impact.

With Unity, Businesses  can validate their social giving based on the values of their customers, employees or both.

The Unity Values Foundation can help  impact the causes your people care about most. Never before could you have realistically given all of your customers or employees a voice. It was just too much work. Not Any more. Now it's easy. 

One easy donation. Endless possibilities.

Contact Us

334 Buckingham Dr, Halifax NS.

Send a text (902) 456 8628

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